How to show devices connected to my RT-AC86U?


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RT-AC86U running Merlin 386.5.2

How do I determine what devices are connected to my router? Everything I've seen on the web says to use Network Map Clients display, but I've got at least 3 devices not showing - 1 wireless device connected 5 GHz LAN, and 2 wireless devices connected to my 2.4GHz guest network. The network map also shows an Ethernet-connected device that I don't recognize at all. And I just switched a laptop from wireless to Ethernet; neither the old wireless or the new Ethernet address show in the network map.

Is there a more reliable way to get this information?


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Client List in Asuswrt is not reliable. For wirelessly connected devices check System Log, Wireless Log.

From experience - on this particular AC86U router Client List may hang and not update at all, if you leave the router running for >week time.

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