I am looking to spread WiFi though out my property, Would these units I linked to work?

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Hi, I have a large country property, I would Like to have WiFi on a few of the acres around my home and shop. I have 2 2.4 G Nano stations that are hooked to house router and then to a Router set up as a AP in the shop I usually mostly 5 G around here.
Would either of these options work? Are there better choices? How would I hook them up? Can they get hooked to either router?

Is here one that is better then the other? If i kept my 2.4 Nanos can I use the 5G Unit below? Thank you





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You would need an antenna on various buildings as backhaul so that you can better cover the property with exterior AP’s.


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What's wrong with your current setup using 2.4 GHz Nanos? What sort of distances are you trying to bridge and do you have clear line-of-sight.


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The Nano stations contact just fine, I am just trying to spread WiFi though out parts of the property, I wasn't sure if there was a unit I could use to do that . Or do I need to put Nano stations on each building?

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