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Initiate youtube playback from router

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Hello there, out of curiosity.
Is it possible for an add-on or script installed on the router, to contact youtube, initiate playback of a random video
without actually decoding/viewing it but just dump the stream internally.
If the videostream continues to stream for more than 30s it is considered a genuine video and the videostream will be aborted by the router
and a new one will be started.
If however the videostream ends within the specified time lets say 30s, it is considered an ad and its adress is saved to the ad-list.
It seems all ads are basically regional to each country due to language etc.
So for example I live in Sweden and it doesnt seem to be too many unique ads in rotation really, a couple thousand probably
and its mostly a wash rinse repeat process.
Probably not too many new ads are added to youtube servers per day really.
Given the router is mostly inactive during the night, it could build and expand this ad-list during times of inactivity.
Another more secure way to detect an ad would be for the router as usual to start a random video stream but instead of dumping the whole
stream, it will save the first frame of the video and inspect and look for the usual skip button and timer and if found, add the video adress to the regional ad-list.
Could any of these methods work given the router is idling during the night?.
what about the ads that are 4:30-5:00 and longer that require you to skip to see the actual video you wanted? this would get tripped up by those.
If you want to avoid youTube tracking/advertising, I would suggest using invidious or other apps/services that do the removal for you.

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