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  1. L

    Asus RT-AC87U & Apple iCloud Blocked

    Good Morning: Is it possible that Build 3.84.13_10 is blocking iCloud on both Wired and Wireless Connections. My wife's iPhone can access her photos while on Cellular Data. However, put the phone on Wifi and it will not access anything in Photos (or iCloud for that matter). Even the computer...
  2. C

    Block YouTube for particular device

    Hello, I would like to block YouTube for particular device. How to achieve that?
  3. W

    Unable to block internet access to a client: RT-AC1900U / RT-AC68U

    Hello! I have just bought an asus AC1900U to substitute my provider router (Moivistar, triple VLAN config). I'm very happy with it. Amazing wifi reach and speed, and I love the UI. And configured very easily. I only have one problem that I can't understand. From clients (either in
  4. macster2075

    Iptables help

    Hi.. Is there an iptable or script I can use to block a specific device (IP) from accessing a specific website?
  5. T

    Block All DNS Except

    Is there a way to block all DNS on port 53 except for a specified device? I looked at SkyNET and the Asus WebUI and didn't see anything that really fit the bill. I could really just block 53 across the entire LAN since my DNS server uses 443 for DNS requests. Thanks,
  6. G

    Wifi vs different types of metal ?

    We know that Wifi and 'metal' don't mix so well. Does anyone know how bad different metals are in blocking signals? Especially aluminum vs steel? We are looking at including a lot of Phillips Hue GU10 (Zigbee) and LIFX GU10 (WiFi) downlights in some houses. Legally they have to be in approved...
  7. R

    4G-AC53U: Parental Controls Really Block All Internet Traffics?

    Hi, I am using 4G-AC53U. When I turn ON "Parental Controls" to block a client's Internet access, does the router really block ALL kinds of Internet traffics including system's service (such as OS update checking, license checking, etc.) ? Or it only block normal user's access, e.g. web...
  8. T

    Blocking incoming connection on RT-AC68U stock firmware

    Hello all, I have an RT-AC68U where I have setup an OpenVPN server. The problem is now, I have a set of IPs from outside trying to connect (obviously not me). They do not manage to connect but keep trying. Is it possible to setup a rule to block a subnet from connecting? I tried using Port...
  9. M

    False XSS blocking

    Hi there, when I try to enter into extended editing like this I get this in the latest Chrome
  10. D

    RT-AC88U - Block ports 5-8 from accessing router via ssh

    On an RT-AC88U, how could you block devices connected to the Ethernet hardware ports 5-8 from accessing the router via ssh ? I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve ... Enabling the PHYSDEV module (breaks functions in Asuswrt-Merlin). Matching on MAC addresses (connected devices and...
  11. M

    SSH Integrity error

    I am trying to clone Raspberry PI remotely into mounted USB drive via command ssh [email protected] -p 27 "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 | sudo gzip -9 -" | dd of=mmcblkop1.gz The small boot partition (75Mb) is cloned fine, but the big one (3.6Gb) fails with such error ssh: Connection to...
  12. O

    Unknown user on Asus RT-AC3200

    Hello, first off let me start off by saying I bought this router for its parental stuff so I can cut times off and watch what my 3 girls are doing ect. Anyway, the house rule is we dont give out the password and I will create a guest one for a overnight fried ect if need be. Well for a few weeks...
  13. R

    ASUS RT-N66U - How to block specific sites?

    Hello, I need to block access to Facebook asap. Is there any way? Tried: Firewall - URL filter - enable - added word facebook but it doesn't work, I can access to facebook.. Need to block FB in whole LAN for all computers. Thank you.
  14. D

    Blocking Ethernet clients from connecting to each other

    Is there any functionality in Asuswrt-Rmerlin that would block Ethernet clients on the same router from connecting to each other ? Is there an Entware add-on that would do that ?
  15. D

    Blocking Ethernet clients from connecting to each other

    This is for a home network that doesn't share resources. Is this the easiest way to block Ethernet clients on the same router from connecting to each other ? 1) Configure the WebGUI DHCP address range. For example, - 2) Create a /<path>/ script file 3) Run...
  16. Adamm

    Skynet Skynet - Router Firewall & Security Enhancements

    Attention Skynet Users! Unfortunately the future of Skynet is in doubt. As you may or may not be aware, there have been discussions in place that will effectively kill off many of the addons that we all use on a day to day basis. If you use Skynet or any other script let your opinion be known...