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Change from Asus to Deco

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I have an Asus RT-AC2900 for 2 years now. And I constantly have problems with 2.4GHz band i.e. not being connected to internet causing all IoT devoces to not responding. I have 10 Meross wifi switches, 2 Awara hubs and laptops, phones - tha latter work fine as they are on the 5GHz band.
But the IoT devices randomly stop working with no particular reason (internet on the 5GHz band is fine) and I have to restart the router and all is back to normal.
Of course when on vacation is frustrating that these devices stop functioning until I get home.
Tried to schedule a 1 reboot per week but I'm not confident this would solve the issue and this is a workaround, not a solution, in my opinion.

I've asked around, nothing seems to be messed up but still the 2.4 band randomly is down.
So, I'd like to try to buy a Deco units (I have a 2 stories house but the Asus has signal all over the place, so I guess with the 3 Deco units will be even better) Units will be connected via ethernet cables.

In my budget I'd fit a 3x Deco x50, but I'm not sure the units are worth the money. And the subsequent Homeshield pro subscription.

What do you think.

Asus has signal all over the place, so I guess with the 3 Deco units will be even better

If single router covers the place - just replace the failing unit. More Wi-Fi doesn't make it better.

In your case I would replace it with RT-AX86U Pro - the same size upgraded hardware unit with familiar to you settings and interface.

If you really want "mesh" system - perhaps 2-pack is all you need. Deco is single SSID controlled by App "Easy Button" system. HomeShield Pro as far as I know is about $5/month, HomeShield Basic is included. It has limited configuration options compared to your Asus router. It's made to plug it in and forget about it. Your devices will be switched between the two bands automatically. You'll have Internet connectivity, but it may not be always optimal for the speed capabilities of the devices.
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Thanks for the reply. Don’t need speed - apart than for instance 2 tv Netflix straming. But I’d pretty much like stability and not needing to restart the router to have 2.4 Ghz functioning properly.
I don’t have specific settings, all devices are plug and play.
And somehow randomly the 2.4band stops functioning with no apparent reason. Maybe the router’s cache fills up, or something else is interfereing with it but really don’t know what. And I’d like a router to have it in place and forget as was the case with the former ac68u (grantly at that time ai had a lot less iot devices)
And somehow randomly the 2.4band stops functioning with no apparent reason.

Your router model is known for multiple hardware and software issues including failing radios.
Thanks! Will search for the one you have recommended and hope to find it online in my country - I mainly purchase from a store that has a very good return policy
Popular around Asus routers are RT-AX86U Pro, GT-AX6000, RT-AX88U Pro. The first model is similar to yours in size, the others are much larger units. Folks around tend to recommend models with 2x 2.5GbE ports, but they are uglier (GT-AX6000) or larger (RT-AX88U Pro). If you don't need 2.5GbE ports - RT-AX86U Pro is your direct replacement model. It will fit at the same spot with WAN/LAN ports in the same position. It's usually cheaper as well.
Put your TVs on Lan cable if at all possible.

For Netflix streaming? Their UHD stream is 15-20Mbps max. HD fits in 10Mbps no problem.
So, TVs are wired, so no problem here.
I understand that my router has known radio issues and that would explain all glitches.

Budget side, in my country I can find the RT-AX88U Pro at the same price as a 3 pair Deco X50.
Would you still recommend this over the Deco units (I need simplicity in confoguration). The main drawback I see is that Asus has the protection built-in, versus Deco where I'd have to subscribe for the same options.
Would you still recommend this over the Deco units

Yes, because it has familiar to you user interface and all you need is single AIO router.

If you needed multiple APs then I would recommend different approach and equipment.
Thanks, so for like 20 IOT devices, 6 laptops&phones and 3 TVs this Asus would be ok, right? I'm preparing to drive to the store to get it...
Almost any home router will be okay with what you have as requirements. Get it, test in your place, use the very good return policy if needed. 🤭
Unfortunately that store doesn't have it. Only cheaper Asus and a larger range of Deco (M4, X20,X50, X60 and higher ones) This is why I've been asking and thanks for your patience in replying... and why I'm contemplating in buying the Deco units...
What cheaper Asus models do they have?

If RT-AX86U Pro is available - get one and test.
Asus Ax56, AX6000 (that's bulky), AC 86U 4G. BUt my main concern is that I'd need wifi signal at least as my current router. This is why I'm looking at higher specs ones.
I could go for the AX86U Pro - that store that has it in stock has a 14 day return policy (my regular store has 30 days.

I'd surely go with this Asus one as I think that just replacing the router and setting the same SSID/passwords would be good to go for all devices tio reconnect to the new router.
RT-AX86U Pro with 14-day return policy sounds like a plan. You'll know in few days if it works well for you or not.
Thanks a lot for helping. Just a final question. To retain all connectivity of the devices and to also retain all names of the devices in the Asus app, will it work if I just unplug the old router, plug in the new one and set the same wifi name and password / or there is another procedure?
The process is like setting up a new router first time. You have some work to do. Your Asus App won't migrate the settings from one router to another. It will ask you to add the new router first when you start the App. You can set the same Wi-Fi name/pass, but you have to re-enter your device names, eventual IP reservations and other settings you may have changed. The old router you can delete from the App (I believe it was called Unlink) as non-existent anymore.
Ao, I got to the store last night only to discover the Asus was not a new unit, but a returned one. And it was the only unit. And there a only a few units that are still sold by reputable stores (and I’d also have to order it online), other small online stores sell this for over 350$ (converted) so no way I’d spend so much on it.
I can buy it from Amazon but it would be not easy with a return…
Anyway, I also found your topics about 2.4 radio settings and disabled some settings that were enabled by default (beamforming ao) but I’m not sure it will have an impact. Airtime fairness for example was disabled a long time ago, from info read here.

I also checked all devices signal strenght and some that are located at the entrance show -67 / -68 dBm in Asus app and in Meross app these devices show up with -40% wifi signal. All work with no problem and I doubt that the weak signal would cause the failing radio issues

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