Need help with RT-AC68R issue

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Hi everyone,

First off I'd like to say I'm not the most savvy when it comes to networking technology. So please bear with me :D

I've had an Asus RT-AC68R (AC68U) for several years and it worked perfectly with no issues.
I was running the Bandwidth Limiter feature via the Adaptive QoS tab in the settings for the router for a few years to limit some devices that belong to my roommates as they don't game or stream much and I do. I rent out to them the other two rooms and I pay for the Xfinity plan.

For years it was working fine. Last month I went and upgraded my Xfinity plan from 250/20 to 600/20.
I've been checking the speeds for years on a regular basis. When I had the 250/20, I was getting around 280/24 on average. I always would get around 23-24 on the upload.
Now with the new plan, I noticed I was not getting more than 350-400 down at any given time, even though the plan is up to 600 mbps. The upload still remains the same at 23-24 on average.

So tonight, I thought maybe I needed to update the firmware on the Asus router. I was running a version I don't remember the exact number but it was a '380' version. Now I'm on the latest '385' version.
Ever since updating to this firmware, my download speeds have been much much lower than before. I've been getting anywhere from 160-240 mbps down, when I was fluctuating in the 350-400 ballpark with the older firmware.

I started panicking and looking online to see what might be wrong. I came across these forums here, but I feel kinda lost as I mentioned because I am not too familiar with this world.
I was reading that the Standard QoS is not working as intended on Asus routers anymore, but that was from a post from 2016 that I saw it on. I am not sure if that still applies.

I was only using the Bandwidth Limiter but I had also set up some Port Forwarding settings. I was reading somewhere here to try to reset back to factory defaults. So I did this and the speed went back to the 350-400. So after doing that I figured to try again the Bandwidth Limiter. Once again the speed dipped.
I then went to turn off QoS and even after turning it off now, the speed is still lower than before.

Now I don't know what to do. Does this mean I cannot use the BL feature at all with this update? I wish I never updated the firmware. I don't remember which firmware it was that I was using but it was the best one for me.
Now the situation is pretty daunting for me. My Playstation 4 Pro, even though it's hardwired via ethernet directly to the router, is receiving a way slower connection than it ever normally does, and my laptop and cellphone are also slowed down.

What can I do to get my speed back? I'm sort of freaking out here lol.. is my router faulty?

Sorry for the all over the place post I really suck at this. :\

Thanks in advance


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What modem do you have? Is it rated for 600 Mbps on

Anything but Adaptive QoS will disable hardware acceleration on the router, which you will need enabled to reach your new speeds (if your modem supports that speed).

Try disabling QoS and then withdraw TrendMicro consent on Administration/ Privacy tab. Then reboot the router and see how good or bad the speed is.


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Thank you dave for the prompt reply!

I have an Arris SB6190, seems to be acceptable for the 600mbps.

I will try your suggestion now and report back shortly.


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The speedtest is now reporting the fastest speed I've ever gotten:

Nearly 467 down which is astounding compared to before!

Thank you again dave, now my other problem is I'm getting about half the download speed and severely low upload speed to my PS4 Pro, and my intention with limiting certain devices in the house is to allow more bandwidth for the console. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? For some reason even though I'm hardwired via Cat6 to the PS4Pro it's only getting around 220 down / 3 up. Before doing the firmware update, I was getting around 312 down/ 22.6 up on a consistent basis. I would like to use Bandwidth Limiter but if it's going to just drop my speed again then I'm not sure I can.

Will enabling DMZ for the PS4's IP address help?

Even though the speed went up from the turning off of the QoS and withdrawing TM consent, the PS4Pro still suffers from the low speeds.
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give last Merlin 384.14 a try, make a factory reset afterwards and configure from scratch without loading older config file.

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