Release Netgear R7800 Firmware release

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Netgear has released a new firmware update for the Nighthawk X4S (R7800) -

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Supports secure HTTP protocol for the router web interface
  • Removes the following features: ReadySHARE Vault, OpenDNS (Live Parental Controls), Remote GUI Access and WPS PIN function
Security Fixes:

  • Fixes security issues

Changelog link:

Download link:

Firmware Release Date: 25th March 2021

Interesting to see that NG removed ReadyShare and WPS PIN. Will these also be removed in future @Voxel releases?


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Interesting to see that NG removed ReadyShare and WPS PIN. Will these also be removed in future @Voxel releases?
My guess: only if Netgear releases the Open Source for that version.
Latest available is


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I would be hard pressed to try any new NG firmware only because if something doesn't work one is completely ignored by can try to contact them ..where they will say oh is it over 90 days must pay to talk to us...
One may gripe about a problem in the NG customer community forums where you'll get a lot of "me toos" from other customers..and stoic radio silence from NG..emphasizing its a customer support forum..not a NG support forum.

It's sad because they put out some good one cannot even report a bug to them in a logical way.


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The newest available is actually, but it isn't visible on the website (yet).
Just change the version number to in a link from an older version, and it will download the latest:
That’s interesting.

Maybe @Voxel will use that as a base for his firmware, but I am certainly not speaking for him here. It probably depends on what changed between NG versions. Maybe some of their own closed code is more recent ; maybe the kernel is more recent...


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Very brief remark. I really do not have a time now.

All of you will not be happy if I would use .82 results in my version. New version: new bugs from NG. Mystical report "Security Fixes" means that these bugs were introduced in previous release by NG and now (we are happy) they could fixe their bugs.

As a rule I check initially binary builds (having to GPL). According to my check: all the changes with previous release is to disable WPS, intention to disable upnpd at all, upgrade of minidlna to 1.3.0 (what I did long time ago), and to disable mystical ReadySHARE Vault (I do not know what is it). Vault, but not ReadySHARE.

I'll check but nothing serious and interesting.



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What I thought was .interesting about new release was the introduction of vpn client.Only pure vpn provider available though.Tried it and it only worked intermittently.Perhaps another bug:mad:

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