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Voxel [R7800] Way to route traffic using the subdomain used?

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a way to route (incoming) traffic using the subdomain from the request on an R7800. Basically I currently have two subdomains using the same DDNS solution (and therefor IP adress), one of which I would like to use exclusively for my NAS while using the other one for everything else I want/need to do on my net (I'd like to do this so that I won't have to worry about port conflicts and such, what I would like is if request header = sub1.domain.com route the request to my NAS, if request header = sub2..com follow the regular route as it currently is.)

Is this at all possible on an R7800, or is this all just wishfull thinking and I'll just have to do it all using port forwarding?
One option I can think of:
Install Entware and then use nginx, for instance like described here:

Question is if the entware package of nginxm, nginx-ssl and nginx-extras have the required plugins.
Otherwise you may have to compile them yourself.

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