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I have TMobile wireless at my house and have installed the two EnGenius ENH500's successfully. I have a great wifi signal at the client bridge on north side of the barn. My question is this. I would like to add the EnGenius EWS850 Access Point on the south side of the barn to ensure I have good signal in the arena which is south of the barn. I would like to run an ethernet cable from the client bridge on north side of barn, to the new access point on south side of barn. This may be a dumb question, but do I need a switch or router installed at the barn to do this? All three units have their own POE injector. I have tried plugging an ethernet cable into the LAN port of the POE injector for the client bridge and ran it to the LAN port of the POE injector for the EWS850 but I have no internet service on that new access point. It shows a strong signal but no connection. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry for the newbie question :)
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Not sure you can chain them that way. i don't see any guidance in the manual or website. Plug a laptop into the lan ports to test with a short cable. Do you get a connection ?
Did you try connecting the ethernet cable to the other AP in LAN port 2 instead of the the LAN 1 POE port ?
Is the IP address of the EWS850 AP on the same subnet as your main router lan supplying ethernet to the House ENH500v3 ?
You might have to manually configure.
A 5 port Gbit switch won't hurt anything.
What lan link rate does the ethernet port on the EWS850 AP indicate ( or in config) ?
You might have an ethernet cable issue if there is no link rate light or it is at 10 or 100 on at the AP lan port.

You also may end up with a bottleneck between the two ENH devices
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