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5G Router basics

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New Around Here
Sorry - newbie here. We live semi-rural, and our "fibre" connection is actually FTTC, and cabinet about 1mile away, so last leg is using old copper. There's an intermittent fault, but Openreach (UK telecoms network) deny problem. So we have really flakey, slow connections when using traditional wired connection.

Tried 5G fixed wireless home broadband. Using 5GEE home Router 2021. Its basically a Zyxel NR501. We are in big stone barn (60cm thick stone wall). Obviously signal patchy. Use external antenna - lots of jitter / slow ping. Unhappy kids !

So (I will get to the point!):
Thinking of trying a 5G external router with PoE - can put antenna in useful position and tune. Should get strong 5G and fast rates (do on iPhone when outside). Appreciate there is a risk that speed and jitter will vary - might be our only option.
  • Any recommendations for good 5G external router? Looking at Zyxel NR7101. Telcomms company tell me it should be compatible and doesn't have to be router they supply.
  • It then needs a wireless access point.
Being a doctor, not a network engineer looking for some useful pointers. It might all be a bit too tricky to create my own network.

Plus our house is quite big / stone walls etc so will need either multiple access points or extenders.

Thinking Zxyel NR7101 for internet connection / router
then ethernet switch
then access point
then probably extenders

Is there other kit I will need. Looks like Zyxel has firewall, and will act as a router??

Any suggestions / advice would be appreciated.

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