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Network design help with 2sites, VPN and VLAN - Unifi

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New Around Here
Hi all

I'm going to make my 2 site network design a big more secure/segregated and need some advice.

See below for the basic idea. But I am no network expert at all, so maybe (most likely) will simply not work.

What I want:

  • the 3 'profesional' networks (2 sites and VPN) need to be virtually 1 network
  • The 2 guest networks are only for wifi to the internet at that site (no S2S)
  • the private network:
    • are per site (no need for connection S2S)
    • I would like to expose some professional devices (like a printer with fix IP) to the private users.
the questions:

  • do I need a management network, or can I keep this inside the professional networks (small scale : only some 40 clients)
  • If yes: can you suggest the subnet/vlan?
  • for the rest: is this design OK? Will is work, or did I get the subnets wrong?
  • how do I set this up to make sure the 3 profi network actually are virtually 1? Do I need to do anything more than making the 3 networks and set up the 2 VPN's?
  • how do I set up access from the private network to a printer in the professional network?

FYI: I already have all unifi hardware (USG's, AP AC PRO's, managed switches), because things already run with a much simpler design.


Thanks for any help/feedback,



  • network design V1.png
    network design V1.png
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