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New Setup Layout has increase wireless to 20%

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Front view

Upside view

Router (top)

Has taken a while to get this to work right, but the results a better now that the wireless is showing 20% boost under Wireless Mon 3.x. As you can see near the right ANT I have use 5/8 thick heater core hose to isolate any EMI/EMF or radio noise onto the Ethernet Cables. All power cords are away to the sides prior it was on the floor. Coax is away from the Ethernet.

DIR-655 wireless G/N router
NETGEAR FS608 10/100 switch (only G & 100 routed)
NETGEAR GS605 10/100/1000 switch (only gig routed)
Cable Modem 43mb/s down max
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What was done differently between old and new configurations?
Layout 1 thru 4

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Layout 4

Since 2006 when I moved here to this new address. This is the main network closet in the basement. Family room is in front of it. The the goal was to reduces EMI/EMF etc line noises from Wi-Fi Radio 2.4GHz, Ethernet Cable Cat5e, Power AC Line Cables, RG6 Ultra Shield Coax 2.3GHz.

Note: NETGEAR FS60x and GS60x does not have wall mounting holes, but there is a way to mount it and take it off easy as shown above.
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In the first post you can blow this up even bigger, but as you can see I've isolated the Ethernet cables between the two ANT.
I can't tell if you have any wireless devices in Layout 1, but Layout 2 has the antennas horizontally oriented, unlike Layout 3/4. I'd imagine getting matching polarization (and thus improving reception) would have a larger impact on wireless client performance than shielding the cables.
Layout 1 uses wired DLINK 10/100 router connected to FS108 8-port 10/100 switch connected to Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 wireless router used as Wireless Access Point Bridge mode. ANT was up position.

In November 2007 I had purchased two Buffalo WZR2-G300N Wireless Routers. One was used as the main wireless router the other one was used as Wireless Access Point in bridge mode. The results using those to produce this Speednet Test Layout not shown:

Speednet Test with Layout 3
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25% increase now

I've been monitoring all day with one wireless laptop running Wireless Mon 3.x. Peek is showing 65%.

I've also line up the channels into one! Prior I had 3 different channels. I going to convert the Wireless Client Bridge into a Wireless Access Point Bridge and place that in a different area to see if the the wireless signal goes pass the 65% mark.
26% max + Speednet Test

Signal Strenght 66% monitoring using Wireless Mon 3.x

Ran this speednet test a few more times with the present layout 4 from one of the wired desktop using GIG set to 1000mb/s Full and WAN set to 100MB/s.




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Testing in G mode only

This is G mode only using DIR-655 A3 1.11 with 2 WHR-HP-G54 in Access Point mode using dd-wrt for firmware using channel 6. I going to use another Bridge to see if I can increase the signal by 10% but right now every laptop is showing excellent from basement, main floor and upstairs plus outside on the porch. I need to test the woods also.

I can pickup two Rescue stations (EMS) when then turn on. They're about 1 mile away on channel 3. The dlink you see using channel 11 is someone else I can pickup.
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The other day I did walk around with a wireless laptop running Wireless Mon to test how strong my signal was. Results were very impressive.

Here is what happens if I am right on top of the DIR-655. Next couple of post I'll show you how the signal has not jump to 75% on the main floor after installing 3rd wireless access point. As the router is in the basement network closet.

I was also able to go about 360 degree surrounding radius about 200 feet away from the house also into the woods before I had wild animals to deal with. :D

In the woods I got 4 bars showing very good, then I also got what is shown in the above more connections in my area a mix bag of B, G some secured and some unsecured.
Trying to isolate radiation from wireless ANT with Ethernet cables

Here we go this is 5/8 heater hose it's as thick as I can get it is also insulated also. Without it I got 50-58% in the living room now I get 60-68% in the same location for wireless strength. Some spots the signal is stronger where get another 10% increase.
Rest of the Wireless test

latest results from indoors on the main floor.. next one outdoors

This is about 100 to 200 feet from the house outside

This is about 250 to 300 feet from the house outside
Everyone so far it works... Well I've gone pass my 2mb/s up.. Oh I should mention I change the location of my cable modem and isolated the wires (coax) (wan) (power). So layout 4 is now replaced with layout 5. I'll have to post that one soon. Gives me this below. Almost hit 3 mb/s for uploads.


Next test will be to see how far I could drive away from my house in my car with my wireless laptop tester. Just test..

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