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Surprising results in new setup

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I was playing with our network setup last weekend and tried a new configuration that yielded some mildly surprising improvements. While minor, the changes are a reduction in latency 6ms to 3ms on most tests and a Waveform bufferbloat score of A+ instead of an A ( latency under load essentially now remains 0 when it used to be 14ms under load)…

- prior set up was Fios ONT to ASUS AX86u running Merlin in a mesh with an AX 92u and a AC 1900p. A good setup overall, worked well…
- new setup has TPlink ax 4400 with Wi-Fi turned off serving as the router and connected directly into the Fios ONT and the ASUS routers forming a mesh in the same locations as before.

i know it’s not an apples to apples comparison, but I’m wondering might might account for the improvement. I’m guessing the TP link has a simpler firmware and with the Wi-Fi being off may allow the hardware to more easily handle the routing function? in both instances I was using the qos feature available in the firmware and set Cloudflare as the dns server.
I think TPLink QOS is better than Asus one.. maybe it is near to Simple Queue Management (SQM) like in enterprise router
There is no much information about Archer AX4400 hardware. Perhaps it has better QoS implementation indeed.

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