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a little hardware help, please - if anyone can recall.

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It has been a long time since I wanted to connect to the interior serial ports of an asus router - and cannot locate my notes from a few years ago.

Does anyone recall what the TTL serial levels are in these things? - are they 3.3v, 2.5v or 1.8v?

I cannot locate my notes from a few years ago and would prefer not damaging the device. Thanks in advance.
3V3DC is the UART voltages typical for most Broadcom devices- most USB-UART adapters compatible with a Raspberry Pi should be good enough...

This might be helpful as well...

Best of luck..
thanks all - I had my giant bag of Jtag assorted devices and chip-clips collected over four decades and a rat's nest of serial cable hacks for pcb header pins - as well as just about every serial-com chipset ever made since I hit puberty - but no meter until tomorrow... got it jacked out @3.3 and have output onto a console - so I'm good...
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