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Parental Controls and time scheduling causing crashes?

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Hi folks,

I have an XT8 system with 3 total nodes, all using gigabit wired backhaul. I have been in the other forums with all sorts of typical issues and ended up doing a hard reset and setting things up from scratch and things were all stable for a while. Then I tried using the Parental Controls - Time scheduling (which I had used when it was completely unstable) to block my grandsons devices during the middle of the night. Suddenly the instability returned. Has anyone successfully used this without crashing? I am running firmware on each node. I am going to enable it again now as weekends are best since I work from home M-F and can use weekends to test.

This is how I have it set. This allows the devices to be used only during the times we want and the days we want. All 3 are set the same.



If anyone has better suggestions I am all ears. Being an IT guy I do not believe in coincidences when it comes to these things and as soon as I enabled this the thing crashed multiple times per day.

Any suggestions?


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