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Asuswrt parental control Web & Apps Filters scheduling

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New Around Here
Hi, Currently I use ASUS RT-AX58U stock firmware
I have searched similar problem, but did not find any in this forum.

How to schedule "web and app filters" tab entries in parental control section for example with crontab? Scheduling is allowed only in "Time Scheduling" tab, but that is MAC address base. I basically want to allow devices to reach network all the time, but I want scheduled network limitation for example on "Streaming and Entertainment" with the help of Trend Micro. There it is very easy, just click on the desired filter and desired MAC and enable, but again it cannot be scheduled.

Is there other alternatives beside some python web automation to handle this situation in router via ssh or some cron script?
Is there a usable Trend Micro API to deal with?
Or is there any filtering capabilities with scheduling? But I think that do not have a collection of all Streaming and Entertainment protocols/ports to ban, instead you have to provide one by one.

Or just go to openWrt on other router for doing similar scheduled filtering?


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