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Pi DHCP server within LAN?

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My parents have recently started renting out their garden outhouse on airbnb. I helped run ethernet down the garden and put a Unifi AC-Lite in there to serve wifi.

So currently they have my old ASUS AC86U acting as their router, with Ethernet running off that down to the unifi ap in the garden. I have the unifi controller running on a pi that I can access remotely.

Ideally I’d like to use Unifi’s built in capabilities for VLAN tagging depending on WLAN SSID, to ensure segregation between airbnb guests and the rest of the network, but sadly ASUS doesn’t support VLANs (that I’m aware of).

I don’t fancy buying my parents a new router just for this use case, so was wondering how feasible it would be to run something like openwrt on another pi I have lying around, and use that as a double-NATed DHCP server, masquerading the VLAN tagged airbnb wifi to the ASUS router?

So for e.g. it could be something like
WAN/Internet -> ASUS Router -> Unifi AP airbnb VLAN-tagged wifi <-> Openwrt Pi <-> ASUS Router

I just don’t if the ASUS would know what to do with the airbnb traffic? I assume I would need to run a static route on the ASUS for the subnet to the pi. Would that be enough though? Would vlan tagging even be needed at that point, or would it just complicate things?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)
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