Problem with triband and dualband router combination


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I am noticing that on the latest merlin firmware release the GT-AX11000 has issues with my RT-AX55s. @RMerlin On previous releases specifically 386.2_6 the nodes would follow the settins of the 5GHz1 settings - This allowed for the nodes to not have issues if you disabled the backhaul channel or renamed the backhaul SSID something different. In the latest releases the nodes seem to follow the 5GHZ2 settings even when I disable that radio / have that a different SSID they don't sync with the 5GHZ-1 radio. So for instance if I enable Ethernet backhaul mode and then disable my GT-AX11000's 5GHZ-2 radio my nodes no longer push out any 5GHZ signal. Similarly if I rename the 5ghz-2 ssid something else other than my main network name it renames all the nodes SSID to that. This isn't the behavior on the earlier firmwares. On earlier firmwares 5GHZ-1 was the network that would effect the nodes and this should still be the case since the AX-55s do not have a 5ghz-2 radio since they are dual band.

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