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Aimesh GT-AX11000Pro and XT8 on different 5G-1 channels

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Senior Member
Hi All,

I have a question regarding my Aimesh setup and I am wondering if you guys experience the same issue.
Here is my home network setup ( Aimesh wireless backhaul).
1. Main Router: Firewalla Gold Plus ( router mode)
2. Parent AP status: AP mode.
3. GT-AX11000 Pro (Firmware: hardwired to Firewalla router.
4. Remote Nodes(wireless backhaul): ZenWifi XT8 ( 2 set) Firmware:
Under "Advanced Setting"--"Wireless", I have set "5Gh-2(backhaul)" as "use as a dedicated wireless backhual"
under "Advanced Setting"--"Wireless", I have set "2.4Ghz, 5Ghz-1" to following:
2.4GHz (20/40Mhz), control channel and Extension channel to "auto"
5Ghz-1 ( 20/40/80/160Mhz), "enable 160Mhz).
control channel to "56", and Extension channel to "auto".
all the Asus devices are restarted after those setting. However, under the WiFi tool, I have noticed that only GT-AX11000Pro has been changed to channel 56 on 5Ghz-1, and my XT8 Nodes are still on channel "44" on 5Ghz-1.
I am wondering if this is an firmware issue or I need to have extra setup if I want to make all Aimesh under same 5Ghz-1 channels?


Occasional Visitor
Maybe... just maybe, because the XT8's don't support 2x160MHz on the 5GHz as the GT-AX11000 Pro does, thus it selected different channel than what has been occupied by the GT-AX11000 5GHz-1 @160MHz.

Just my 2¢


Senior Member
if I am not mistaken, XT8 only support 36-48


Very Senior Member
if I am not mistaken, XT8 only support 36-48
Yeah, that's correct, their 5GHz-1 radios only support that channel range (as far as I can see in the admin GUI, anyway). Their 5GHz-2 radios support 100-165 or so depending on what region you're in. But if you are using wireless backhaul then you can't really use 5GHz-2 as a client communication radio anyway, because it's dedicated to backhaul.

Having said that ... it's not by any means a bad thing to be using different client communication channels on your different APs. Should reduce congestion. This assumes that 56 is a good idea at all, which it might not be --- I'm worried about DFS interference.


Senior Member
Thank you guys. yea, I think this could be the reason because I forgot that XT8 5G-1 doesnt support 160Mhz.

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