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Problems with GT-AX6000 after the factory reset: transmit queue 0 timed out

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Hi guys. Here's another strange problem that I started experiencing with my new Asus router.

1. After I unboxed it, I updated to the official firmware GT-AX6000_3.0.0.6_102.
2. On the same day, I flashed Merlin: 388.2_2.

Everything worked fine for a few days (except some little bug with my Realtek 2.5Gb drivers on Desktop PC).

4. Yesterday, I decided to restore the factory settings, directly on Merlin 388.2_2. I thought it would be better to clean everything up after having fun for the first few days.

Instantly after the factory reset, I noticed that my NAS 2.5Gb USB adapter is crashing with error: "transmit queue 0 timed out". I spent almost entire day trying to fix on the NAS side (since I was trying different drivers for realtek-r8152 drivers before).
I ended up restoring the full system image backup from April 2023 which I am 100% sure that worked flawlessly without issues for weeks without restarts. Unfortunately, nothing helped:

5. I started restoring factory settings on the older, official Asus versions, without uploading backupped settings. Unfortunately, nothing helped. This error was extremely easy to reproduce, because I could trigger it faster by starting wireguard (but of course it still occurrs without wireguard running).

This is how "transmit queue 0 timed out" error looks like:


The worst thing is that my NAS freezes / crashes fully when this r8152 driver has a problem.

6. Searching for more information about this problem, I found this thread: https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=216884

timo 2023-03-12 15:25:15 UTC
Sorry for the confusion; my reply was clearly posted in the wrong thread.

In my case, the errors happened when I connected a wireless router (TP-Link Archer C9) to these NICs of my server. Initially, I thought the error was in the Linux kernel of the server. However, I have recently replaced the wireless router by a different model and since then, I don't see the 'transmit queue 0 timed out' errors anymore. Not sure what happened; maybe the old device was sending repeated pause frames? Anyhow, it seems to be solved.

7. I decided to connect my old router (Xiaomi AX6000), also with the 2.5Gb LAN port.

Voila! The problem is fully gone. Nothing bad happens.

I decided that GT-AX6000 is not worth the money if there are firmware bugs like this one. I know it probably doesn't affect most of users, but in my case the problem is 100% the router, and I'm sure it started happening after restoring the factory settings on the newest version. There must be something really wrong, possibly related to this? https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1050466

I'm going to test how my NAS runs on the old router for the next 24h, and then I'll refund GT-AX6000, since it's too risky to keep that device for me :( I really liked that Asus routers allow a lot of configuration settings, but I can't always worry about errors of this type :(

Anyway, has anybody heard about something similar recently happening?
No such issues have been observed or reported for the GT-AX6000 here.

I suspect your setup.
The only issue I have with my AX6000 is that it takes a good amount of time (30 sec to 1 minute) to establish a 2.5G link even if I manually assign a static IPv4 on windows adapter properties. I use Marvell Aquantia 10G PCIe card and it works flawlessly on all 2.5G or 10G routers/switches where link is established within seconds.
That's strange. For me it didn't take that long to establish connection with the Switch / PC. Maybe it's actually flooding some weird packets?
Either way I was unable to fix it. Returned to the old router now, and all problems are gone. I think Asus became not so great after years.
I have link fast with 2.5G Realtek chip (Cudy PE25 2.5GB - PCIe Network Adapter - RTL8125).

Did you really reset to factory?? With Initialize all the settings checked and maybe also a WPS button reset, re-flash FW and another reset...? YES it can be needed as much (NOT Just ASUS) ;)
Yeah, I was factory resetting with many possible firmwares and settings initialization checked. I returned to the old router and not a single issue for over 1 month now. That Asus router got the deserved refund. I learnt not to try improve things (router change) that are working fine.

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