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PS3 and wireless access point not cumminicating.

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I have the 80gb PS3 and just moved in with a friend who subscribes to qwest DSL. He has an actiontec m1000 modem with the w1000 wireless attachment.My PS3 will not pick up the signal even from 20 feet away. Being a poor college student and completely ignorant of all things wireless I would appreciate any help any one could offer aside from getting an actual router.
He likely has SSID broadcasting disabled, meaning the network is 'hidden' from casual browsing, thereby the PS3 wont be able to see it at first. Assuming you know the name of the network, try manually configuring the connection thereby inputting the name and other security settings if applicable. That's likely what it is assuming other wireless devices are working normally.
Just checked the router settings, it is broadcasting and my laptop picked it up just fine, I have been searching through google and this is beginning to look hopeless. Please help!

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