[QoS] Bandwidth Monitor Tab vs Qos Tab : Need explanation please

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New Around Here
My Router Model : ASUS RT-AC68UF
My Asuswrt-Merlin version : 384.17

Hi Everybody,

I have a question about how QoS works.

When we look in the "Bandwidth Monitor" tab, we can see that we can assign
priorities to the different devices (highest, high, etc ...).
=> First prioritization

When we look in the "Qos" tab, we can enable "Adaptive QoS" according to
different modes.
=> Second prioritization

The question is how do the two "prioritizations" work together ? For example,
does the "Adaptive QoS" setting have higher priority than the settings on the
peripherals (highest, high, etc.) ?

Can someone explain to me the global operation when we activate "Adaptive QoS"
AND that at the same time we assign priorities to the peripherals (in the tab "Bandwidth Monitor")?

Thanks for your answers



Part of the Furniture
i would not worry about bandwidth monitor stick with the priorities


New Around Here
i would not worry about bandwidth monitor stick with the priorities
Thank you for your answer.
I have no worries. I'm just looking for explanations.
For your answer, is it just an opinion? or do you have a technical explanation?


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Read the Spoiler for Issue 2 in this post below. Most of the collective knowledge on how Adaptive QoS works can be found in this thread (search for device priority).

[Release] FreshJR Adaptive QOS (Improvements / Custom Rules / and Inner workings)
Thanks for this link.
I skimmed through the article. The advice is to set default priority for the devices, but it doesn't really explain the significance of the device priorities in the Adaptive QoS context.
However, I'll read it in detail because the article seems very interesting. Thanks again.

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