Question about Asus-Merlin from someone possibly going to jump ship...



That was with the WiFi turned OFF on 2.4 and 5Ghz...So it must have been the CPU...
It's running at 59C now....Yeah...I think it needs some more cooling...

53 degrees C - is that the temp of one of the radios, or the CPU?

Extra cooling (to a point) is never a bad idea if you want your electronics to last a Loooong time.
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There was another thread a while back about temps and cooling, and from what I recall, these temps fall well within “normal” ranges. I think you’d be better off to regularly blow out the dust/cobwebs than increase airflow and possibly add to dust buildup. Maintenance as the best way to prevent premature failure.

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After reading the reviews on the double fan units and some saying they're a little noisy I'll just stay with my one (quiet) USB fan blowing on the back for now...
Agree that DUST is a menace for electronics...


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jump ship - i did two years ago and never looked back ;)

make sure you get at least RT-AC86u for the VPN speed.

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