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[Question] Dual WAN, use specific provider for specific lan client


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I want to use second provider and enable dual WAN. Is there any option to e.g. split providers? So Provider1 on WAN 1 will be used by LAN1, LAN2, and Provider2 on WAN 2 will be used by LAN3 and LAN4 users.


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I don't think that would be possible even with superior scripting skills.


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You can use load balance mode, then write rules to force subnets to use Wan 1 or Wan 2. It's a pain to write the rules, but as you want to force subnets it will be easier to write (of course if one Wan is down, all clients will use the remaining one)


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For me it was working very bad with a RT-AC68U, it was not working so badly with the GT-AX11000. It does work best in load balance mode, in fail over mode it does things that is dumb (when the router has fail over the WAN 2, every X minutes it check if main WAN is restored, but for doing this check it has to disconnect WAN 2 and reconnect WAN 1... so your Internet is up, then down, then up, then down, until the main WAN finally is restored)

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