Restricting access to OpenVPN server via iptables


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Hi! I’m allowing access to my OpenVPN server only for predefined ipset via rewriting existing iptables rules using openvpn-event user script.

What I’m currently doing: in openvpn-event I’m rewriting standard openvpn rule like:

if iptables -C INPUT -p $proto -m $proto --dport $server_port -j ACCEPT; then
    iptables -D INPUT -p $proto -m $proto --dport $server_port -j ACCEPT
    iptables -I INPUT -p $proto -m set --match-set allow_ip src --dport $server_port -j ACCEPT
    logger -t "$scr_name" "Completed"
    # TBD...
    logger -t "$scr_name" "Failure: iptables rule not found to replace in the INPUT chain!"

The same way I rewrite NAT rules. This works fine and is persistent between router reboots until I change something via GUI which causes iptables reload and my rule “iptables -I INPUT -p $proto -m set --match-set allow_ip src --dport $server_port -j ACCEPT” is rewritten back by original rule “iptables -C INPUT -p $proto -m $proto --dport $server_port -j ACCEPT” set by /etc/openvpnX/server/

What is the proper way to rewrite standard openvpn server rules set by to make changes persistent between configuration changes which affects iptables?

And where /etc/openvpnX/server/ can be called during the changes within GUI which affects iptables?

386.4, RT-AC88U


Asuswrt-Merlin dev
The openvpn-event script is the correct location. Look at the specific event type however before determining what to do (through the $script_type variable value).

And where /etc/openvpnX/server/ can be called during the changes within GUI which affects iptables?
The script should be called whenever the firewall gets restarted.


New Around Here
Many thanks @RMerlin, I added rewriting of default rules in my openvpn-event script, and now my custom iptables rules are persistent between firewall restarts too.

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