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Enable Web Access from WAN can't stay enabled

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I don't know if it's a firmware issue or not, but the option 'Enable Web Access from WAN' cannot remain activated for me. However, it is necessary to have it enabled in order to add guest users to Instant Guard, after which the 'Enable Web Access from WAN' option can be turned off. When I activate the 'Enable Web Access from WAN' option and press the Apply button, it stays on for a moment and then turns off by itself again.❓
Are you using any user addon scripts? IIRC Skynet prevents that option being enabled when securemode is enabled.

If it's not that try using using your web browser in InPrivate/Incognito mode.
yes I use skynet
and find in logs Skynet: [!] Insecure Setting Detected - Disabling WAN GUI Access
Thank you
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