Router bricked? AX88U

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Hey Guys,

I have an AX88U which I updated to the latest firmware today. Now, the thing wont start up completely. The WIFI lights are on, the power light is on, and a red internet light is on. The USB lights will come on when a USB device is plugged. THe Ethernet light will not turn on if connected to PC via LAN. The wifi does not broadcast so I cant connect to it. Also, the reset button on the back does nothing. Any ideas? I hope this thing isnt bricked!

Jeffrey Young

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Make sure you had the correct firmware, then use the rescue utility ( or the router's internal web server (available at once the router is in rescue mode) to reflash the router.

EDIT: My bad @surgeonbyday . I misread your post as your router being 100% unresponsive in every way. Glad @ATLga chimed in.
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