Router causing lag with remote desktop, no issues straight from modem

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Hi, all.
Got an AC86U running on Merlin and have lag when connected to office through RDP. Granted, I'm using CAD software and doing a lot of panning/zooming. Connecting my PC (through ethernet) directly to the modem solves the issue. On the latest 386_3.2 but tried a few older ones with full reset to defaults. Tried every Windows option (even fresh, virgin install) but the issue is clearly something the router is doing. All cables CAT 6 and I tried reducing RDP experience settings, all windows tricks like disabling UDP for RDP (although I think it's still using UDP). Incidentally, putting my PC in DMZ did nothing to unblock my RDP connection. I had to add the RDP to port forwarding or I couldn't connect. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!
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