RT-86U dhcp not functioning properly

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First off hello, new here.

So I have the above router that has been flawless......until I called Rogers to complain about ping spikes while gaming. A very common problem apparently. So they put me through the usual run around checking everything running tests everything is good yada yada. So the guy says disconnect router and just use theirs for a speed test after factory reset (I had it in bridge mode) He says he will do it I am like sure whatever. So since that day I would all of sudden lose internet and I would have to reset both modem and router to get it to work. Then I noticed the DHCP message when losing connection. So i perused around the internets and found this site. Read some posts about different settings tried some things with no results. Then I looked at firmware which had if i recall 72 as last 2 digits (stock firmware) I look on ASUS website and latest firmware ends in 68, So I download the 68, go back on router check firmware and it says up to date with 72, I install the 68 which I downloaded from ASUS. SO now I have 68 firmware and when i do auto update it says you have latest firmware.

So my question(s) are 1) How did I get a wrong firmware (always auto update) 2)could it be possible the Rogers guy did something to my modem CODA 4582 (it has latest firmware) to conflict with my router.

Thanks to any who made it this far.



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I install the 68 which I downloaded from ASUS.
I would reset the router if rolling back from removed firmware. Set it up manually after. From GUI reset plus initialize or hold reset button at the back >5 seconds. Does same thing in different ways. Don't use saved config file from 81792.

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