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RT-ac86u + 4/5 rt-ac68u AiMesh nodes upgrade advice

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Thank you, I hope to receive a feedback by @Smokey613 soon (as I could actually be in the US in the upcoming days, so I could in case avoid heavy custom duties).

Indeed what I plan is to segment my Security cameras and home alarm and then create a Guest Network (without access to my servers).

In addition I'd love to set up again a openVPM, Ad Block and - for the near future - enable Parental Controls.

ps: good advice or channel band on/off. I indeed switched off 2.4GHz in the office room and 5.GHz in another room which does not have usually many devices.
OpenVPN is available even on basic devices, but device choice depends on how fast this VPN connection you want it to be. Ad-blocking can be easily done with public DNS server like AdGuard DNS - it's as effective as popular Pi-hole. You can't block YouTube ads with DNS method - you need browser extension like uBlock Origin for that. Parental Controls - it has to be home oriented product or you need to recreate the functionality on business equipment. Schools, libraries, etc. usually rely on DNS based filters like CleanBrowsing. There are options, but you need to know what to expect.

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