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RT-AC88U can login to main GUI but not Download Master


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This is a weird problem. I have been using Asus routers for decades but this problem I cannot solve. I hope one of you experts out there could give some advice.

Recently I cannot login to the Download Master page either by clicking the link within the main GUI which directs me to or if I go there directly. I have tried Edge, Firefox, Chrome and three different computers, wireless and with cable. All I get from the Download Master login in screen is "invalid username and password". The funny thing is that it is no problem to login to the main GUI at with the chosen credentials. And what is really weird is that I can access the USB-disk attached to the router by submitting the credentials which I use to the main gui. But I simply cannot access the Download Master interface.
I have disabled / enabled the DM, deinstalled/reinstalled it and also changed USB harddrive. Same problem, invalid username and password. I cannot get my head around this error. I have tried to update the DM but the typical Asus message "Remote Server Not Responding" is shown.

My Router firmware is Asus original
The DM version is Asus original ver.

I have no other quirks or tweaks running on the router. Stock firmware only.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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When you say "Recently" - would that be as soon as your router firmware was upgraded to a .385 version?
I've never used the Download Master feature and not familiar with how it works, so this is just a guess, but the main router password is stored encrypted as of .385_ , so it wouldn't surprise me if they broke compatibility with however Download Master authenticates.

Hopefully someone who knows more than me will be along soon, but given that with the first 385 release pushed out to RT-AC88U users, Asus hadn't even tested the slightly more common and critical use case of "Can https users log in after a restart?", it doesn't seem too much of a stretch that they haven't regression tested Download Master.

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