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RT-AX82U disconnects devices randomly

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New Around Here
I purchased this router about two months ago and at first it seemed to work well. However, maybe a month ago I started noticing random disconnects of devices.

Example is if I am playing xbox and another family member decides to start streaming, it will disconnect one, sometimes both of us until one person gives up.
However, it isnt always due to streaming it just seems that it speeds the process up.

I read on one thread that turning off aiprotection could hep eliminate the random reboots. It hasn't.

I honestly don't want to deal with buying a new router because this one just isn't that old in my opinion but it's a big annoyance.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Welcome to the forums @fathom7411.

How did you configure the router when you got it? Please give specifics.
Honestly, I scanned the qr code, downloaded the app, and from I remember, it walked me through the set up. Everything is connected wirelessly though. Should I reset the router and start from scratch since I don't really remember?
I would perform a full setup at this point.

Do not use the app. I would actually uninstall it.

Use a trusted PC with a fully updated web browser (I suggest Edge). Reboot the computer before beginning.


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