RT-AX88U: intermittend WAN disconnects combined with "nat: apply redirect rules"

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New Around Here

since a couple of months I'm running a AX88U with Merlin 384.19.
From time to time WAN connection is lost, this happens intermittent, sometimes after a couple of days, sometimes multiple within 24 hours.

In syslog always the same entry can be found

Dec 29 03:03:57 nat: apply redirect rules
Dec 29 03:04:03 WAN_Connection: Ethernet link down.

After restarting Internet connection via scmerlin or a reboot everything is working fine.

As I can't find the cause, any ideas what is initiating the "nat: apply redirect rules" ?

Following tools are installed:
Diversion v4.1.12
Skynet v7.2.3
FlexQoS v1.1.0
scribe v2.4.3
x3mRouting v2.4.0 (for a VPN via NordVPN)
nsrum v30.4.0
connmon v2.8.1
ntpMerlin v3.1.0
scMerlin v2.0.0
spdMerlin v4.1.1
uiDivStats v2.2.2
uiScribe v1.4.1

I already rebuild jffs, did a factory reset and installed everything new.

The router is connected to WAN via a provider router (not bridged or as DMZ). This works in general, except loosing WAN connection from time to time.

Any ideas how to find out the cause for the WAN drops?


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Look for problems on your ISP provided router. Replace the cable between the ISP router and the Asus.


New Around Here
Thanks for the hint, but I already changed the cable between ISP router and the Asus, even switched to another ISP router port.


New Around Here
Unfortunately I have no telnet/ssh access to the ISP router and the web-gui don't show the system-logs ;-(
But I notized that when ASUS is dropping WAN connection the ISP router has no problem with internet connections

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