RT-AX88U Merlinwrt and suggested add ons

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New Around Here

Based on L&LD 's answer to my previous thread and the links of his profile, I decided to upgrade my router from AC-56U to AX-88U.

I will go trough all the software he describes in his profile. Thanks a lot @L&LD for that :)

Now I d still like more advices, My aim is dropping ads but keeping a low ping (so that my 12 year old wont yell at me)
Are there add ons from those links I should avoid ?
I may want to get diversion try to drop ads from youtube, would this be too intrusive ?
Last point, there are howtos to install PiHole directly on Asus routers, would you recommand it / unrecommand PiHole (if so what would be better) / recommand to have PiHole on the Raspberry Pi I use for Home Assistant ?

Thanks in advance
Best regards,


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If you want ad-blocking use either Diversion or Pi-Hole, don't use both. If you use Pi-Hole don't run it on the router.

As for other add-ons my personal recommendation is to not use any unless you have a specific reason to. I can't see the logic of loading down your primary network security device with bloatware "just because you can".

Just my 2 cents... YMMV

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