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Steve M.

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Greeting SNBForums,

I have two Asus RT-N66U Routers running the latest Merlin Fork firmware (amazing!)...

I have the primary router in wireless router mode (default / WDS AP Hybrid mode) and the secondary router in repeater mode.

The thing is, I would like to be able to add a guest network on the primary router and access it from the repeater but for some reason the Guest Network SSID isn't showing on wireless clients connected to the repeater.

The reason being is that I'm trying to configure bandwidth limiting on the guest network and have both the unlimited primary wireless network and the bandwidth limited guest network available from that same repeater.

I figured I'd try to use the 5GHz network on the repeater to connect to the guest network (bandwidth limited) and keep the 2.4GHz network on the repeater to connect to the primary network (unlimited).

Lastly, on the primary router under Traffic Manager > QoS - Bandwidth Limiter > User-defined Bandwidth Limiting - Target, it lists the options to "Enter IP Range, MAC or Guest Network" but when I type in my Guest Network name (XXX) I get the message "XXX is not valid. Please enter a valid IP, which can optionally be in CIDR format ("

Any ideas why or perhaps a workaround from SSH?

Is this possible or is it a problem with how WDS is implemented with Guest Networks and WPA2?

Thanks in advance,
Steve M.
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The repeater connects to one SSID, the network and channel that it's repeating. Unfortunately, the repeater doesn't pass other SSID's like guest networks through the primary Wireless Router. In my case, I setup the Repeater to connect to a guest network on the Wireless Router. I was then able to configure bandwidth limiting on the guest network by bandwidth limiting the MAC address of the repeater.
If I recall, the repeater has both the 2.4GHz & 5GHz channels but when configured in Repeater mode it only connects to one SSID over either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz channel but not both. You can however look at the difference between WDS & Repeater Mode. In WDS mode I think you can share the Internet connection on the Repeater which is connected to the main Wireless Router and have more than one SSID.
I'm no longer at the site where I have access to these RT-N66U routers otherwise I could be more specific. I recommend running the Merlin Fork in these forums and searching this site or Google. There's plenty of good info and really, it's mostly a matter of just logging into the web interface on the router and looking at the different settings.

One important thing to remember (Asus doesn't mention this), is that the router in Repeater Mode will not pass DHCP if configured to connect to a Guest Network on the main Wireless Router unless you choose the option to "Enable Intranet" under the Guest Network settings.

Good luck!
It does only connect to one ssid in repeater mode. I have not tried the AP mode on these routers is there a hybrid mode as well as a WDS mode? I think WDS only allows the router to work as a wireless as in you can not hardwire into the router and connect to your entire network.

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