guest network

  1. J

    Any way to identify Guest Network connected clients? GT-AX11000

    What it says - is there a log entry somewhere that will distinguish which wireless clients are connected to the guest network? Thanks.
  2. N

    RT-AC66U_B1 5GHz guest unable to connect keeps dropping and retrying

    RT-AC66U_B1 running 384.17 in Wireless Router mode. 5GHz wireless is set to Channel 36. AiMesh is disabled/not used. A device on the 5GHz Guest network (Amazon fire TV stick) is today unable to connect. The router is set to reboot each morning at 4am, just in case anything bad happens if I...
  3. S

    Guest Network B/W Limiter vs QOS Bandwidth Limiter

    RT-AC68R v384.17 firmware: If I enable the Guest Network bandwidth limiter feature, does the Adaptive QOS->QOS->Bandwidth Limiter (per MAC/device) table override the Guest Network limits? That is, if a device listed in the Adaptive QOS bandwidth limit table uses the guest network, which...
  4. D

    [Newbe question] Setup of separate guest network with exeptation

    At the moment I use for quest the WiFi network created on wl0.2 interface - GUESTNET (until I start work with VLANs but this is second stage :( for me and I things it take time...) I decided that GUESTNET i separate from home network and have access to internet via main or vpn connection (it's...
  5. Yota

    Expand the Guest Network to two merlin routers

    Today, I will show you how to set up the same guest network on the primary router and the secondary router, and prevent the guest network from accessing resources on the LAN. What do I need? I have two RT-AC68U routers, they both flashed Merlin 384.14_2, One is running router mode, the other...
  6. N

    Bandwidth Limiter under guest network

    I am having issues with my Asus RT AC3100 when enabled bandwidth limiter. It blocks internet completely for all the guests. I wanted to set 1mb for both upload and download. I'm using latest firmware 384.13. Any suggestions please?
  7. sirmclouis

    Captive portal for guest network on RT-AC66U B1

    Hey! I'm running Asuswrt Merlin on my new RT-AC66U B1 and really happy with it. I'm amazed of all the things I can do with it. I'm a little noob in the field of building small networks and specially with this router and Merlin. I have a guess network at home and I would like to know if I...
  8. M

    Separated network for smarthome/IoT devices - Is a little modified Guest network enough?

    Hi there! :) I have an Asus RT-AC68U which have asusuwrt-merlin on it, and have some IoT devices (led-strip controller, air consitioneer, etc, amazon echo, harmony hub, connected all via 2.4GHz wifi) and computers/nas/smartphones (connected via ethernet and 5GHz wifi), and now I will install an...
  9. J

    HOW TO use second router through VPN for guests

    Hi, I have a simple task, but I don't know how to do it and if it's easy as it is to ask... I have an AC1900p (AC68u Merlin's firmware). I want to use it as the main router for my family. I also have the router from my ISP (which can't connect to VPN as client). I want to connect the ISP...
  10. J

    Asus RT-AC86U running merlin. Guest network setup with local DNS (PiHole)

    Is there a way to set up the guest network to use PiHole as its DNS when it is set to block Access to Intranet? I tried the following: LAN > DHCP Server > DNS Server 1 - Set PiHole IP Result: Works for wireless AP and ports directly connected to Internet, but doesn't work on the Guest Wifi. I'm...
  11. thobux

    can't Enable 2nd guest network

    I created a second one with credentials and everything. Now, after removing it. I can't Enable ist. I can do this however with Guest #1 ans Guest #3. Is there a way to reset Guest #2 Thank
  12. O

    Guest Network on AiMesh node?

    I am currently running two RT-AC68U's on my network; one is the primary router, and the second is the AiMesh node. Both units are on the latest firmware. Overall, it's been pretty stable with almost 40+ clients connected on a daily basis (e.g. IP cameras, thermostats, kids'...
  13. K

    Splitting smart home devices in separate network

    Hello, last week I bought a new wifi router, the Asus RT-AC66U (using Asuswrt Merlin). Now I want to split my home network, one network for my PC, Laptops etc. and one for all the smart home devices. That worked good with a guest network for the smart devices, but now I installed Home Assistant...
  14. SpeedThree

    Setting up guest networks

    I read the Knowledge article on setting up a guest network and just want to be certain I understand it correctly. While there are two possibilities, a 5GHz and a 2.4GHz guest network, the recommendation is to set up ONLY a 2.4GHz guest network, correct? Many thanx.
  15. S

    [RT-AC87U running 384.5] 5GHz Guest Network doesn't work

    After being upgraded to 384.5, my RT-AC87U's 5GHz guest network no longer works. The network doesn't show up on any of my devices that are 5GHz capable; it's like it's not even there. The 2.4GHz guest network option still works fine, but before upgrading to 384.5 I used 5GHz guest networks...
  16. Frankie Yuen

    Is there any Asus router that supports AiMesh has captive portal?

    Would like to setup a mixed Ethernet / wireless backhual mesh network that supports a guest network with captive portal - also need OpenVPN by the way, any advice?
  17. ac66ub1

    Are all users in same network?

    We can set ip 8 SSID in one router. eth1 - Default LAN 2.4Ghz SSID wl0.1 - 2.4Ghz Guest Network 1 wl0.2 - 2.4Ghz Guest Network 2 wl0.3 - 2.4Ghz Guest Network 3 eth2 - Default LAN 5Ghz SSID wl1.1 - 5Ghz Guest Network 1 wl1.2 - 5Ghz Guest Network 2 wl1.3 - 5Ghz Guest Network 3 As I...
  18. W

    Using VLAN vs. Guest Network on RT-AC66U?

    I’m using the latest ASUS firmware for the AC-66U (, which I don’t believe has VLAN capability. I would like to segment my IoT devices off from the main network for security since these devices usually are weak on security. What would be the downside of using a guest network...
  19. Wrong World

    User script fired on changing guest networks?

    Hello, This is my first post in this forum. It is now three weeks that I am reading many posts here on how to better tailor my RT-AC66U_B1 router (running Asuswrt-Merlin 380.69_2) to my needs. So, piece by piece, I've assembled a quite lenghty firewall-start script and a much smaller nat-script...
  20. Robert Tickle

    IP Cams on Guest Network or Separate AP

    Just upgraded from an Asus RT-AC66U to an Asus RT-AC3100. I have seven cheap wireless IP cams (Foscam and Wansview) on the network. I noticed that my wireless client list kept changing. Connections seem to be dropping off and being re-added constantly. Also, my System Log was getting new...