Script for transferring router settings


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I seem to recall that there was a script (John's Tool?) which used to be able to save all the current router's settings so that they could easily be restored after a factory reset, without causing any of the problems that a normal restore would do. Does that script still exist (or anything similar) that can work with current firmware versions/hardware? I haven't heard it mentioned for quite a while, so I'm assuming the answer is no, which is a pity because I think I tried it once and it worked really well.


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It worked a long time ago. Current firmware simply hasn't been tested with it and properly updated the script.

Save your settings, save the current firmware version installed (i.e. download the zip file), and then experiment as much as you want with your equipment. If needed, you can use the saved files to quickly get you back to where you are now.

But, forget about transferring your network settings with two clicks (today).

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