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Slow Speeds in Bridge Mode

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So I have Rogers 1.5 Gbps down / 50 Mbps upload speed cable internet. However, the speeds coming out of my AX86U are much lower.

My modem is an XB7 and has a 2.5GB port which is connected to the 2.5GB port on the router (with that port set to be WAN, of course).

When I check the speeds, here’s what I get:

Speedtest built in to router: 603.95 down/53.65 up
Speedtest app wired gigabit: 918 down/53.4 up
Speedtest app on iPhone 15 Pro Max using AX WiFi: 531 down/50 up.

No VPNs, similar results using different servers. No QoS and no other network activity while speed tests are running. What could be causing this?
This is a subject that comes up time and again. Most of us will have even flagship products that can't keep up with our broadband speeds. Even my GT-AX6000 can't properly/reliably measure my now 1200/150 connection, the only device wired or wifi here that can is a Rockchip RK3588 based SBC. For now that's just how it is!

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