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RT-AC 88U WAN Speeds Crashed and WIFI Weirdness

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Is my router losing its MOJO?

I'm running Merlin 386.12.4 Merlin, and 386.12.0 when this all happened, Yasfi, Skynet, and Diversion.

1GB WAN service started in mid-September from 100mb and my logs show wan speeds (tested hourly) crashing to about 250 from 650 (upload) as follows (download was 800, now 200). Notice how the speed downward variability increased over the three months preceding the crash:

I had the fiber company out here and the fiber, and the modem + fiber checked out OK. Then, today, I connected a laptop (w/ 1GB network card) directly to modem with a new cat-6 cable. I got 450mb down, 500 upload. Laptop when directly connected to the router, 200 down, 350 up.

And, wifi weirdness. The wifi will occasionally just stop working, but the the network map > client list shows them all connected. A router reboot restores wifi operation.

I'm stumped on both fronts.
Perhaps time for a new router. The AC88U is listed as End of Life by Asus.
You might check your router temps. I have fans on my AC86U, which keeps the temps between 45-50C. I do not know if they would help an AC88 but they might extend the life of your router and eliminate some of the weird happenings.

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