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Slow upload speed

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New Around Here
Hi There,

I have a big problem with upload speeds on my Asus RT-AC68u router, I have tried as much as I can to fix this without any luck... if anyone has any thoughts I would greatly appreciate any help.

So far I have done the following..

1. Rolled back to latest Asus firmware from site, reset to factory, changed QoS to 100/40 – Same result 85mb/2.5mb
2. Updated to latest Merlin image, reset to factory, changed QoS to 100/40 – Same result 85mb/2.5mb
3. Telneted in and did mtd-erase2 nvram – 85mb/3mb
4. Updated to latest beta merlin image, reset to factory, did mtd-erase2 nvram changed QoS bandwidth to 100/40 – 86.3mb/5mb upload
5. Changed to traditional QoS – 65mb/5.4mb upload
6. Turned off all QoS – 89.7mb/5.9mb upload
7. Swapped the RT-AC68u for an old Optus Sagemcom device – 80mb down/35.8mb up

My connection is a 100mb Down/40mb Upload HFC cable...

So you can see that while things did improve slightly, the upload speed is still a huge issue when using the RT-AC68u. Swapping to another device and the issue goes away... but I really want to use the RT-AC68u as it is brand new...

Any further help would be greatly appreciated


Edit: I should mention that both my wife and I work from home and need the upload speeds due to our work..
Welcome to the forum, Stuart.

One suggestion: get a baseline. Reset the router fully to factory default settings according to this guide:

Follow it to the letter and stop when it’s in its minimal state and then test it. Don’t play with any other settings. Then determine what your upload speed is. You’ll then know if the problem is the router itself and it needs to go back. Normally, the RT-AC68U is very reliable.

But do follow the guide without any shortcuts and without any settings other than those stated by L&LD.

Come back with any questions on the instructions in the guide.

I’d reflash 384.11_2, not the .12 beta. And, as you’ll see in the guide, you reset the router AFTER flashing.
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