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Synology 916+ and D-Link DSL-4320L Port Forwarding

Discussion in 'Synology' started by PsiberTek, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. PsiberTek

    PsiberTek New Around Here

    Sep 14, 2018
    I'm hoping someone can assist me with configuring my DSL-4320L router port forwarding rules so that I can access my Synology 916+ externally.

    Currently my Quick Connect is working, and it does allow me to access all my apps and files, but particularly with the higher bandwidth apps like Video and Photos, performance is unusable.

    DS Video:
    "You are connecting to your DiskStation via the QuickConnect service, and the access performance might be affected. For better performance, we highly recommend you configure router port forwarding."

    Control Panel|External Access|Router Configuration|Set up router
    "Note: No UPnP router was found. Please click Next to proceed to manual installation."
    Which then directs me to this webpage;
    So no-go on auto-config =(

    Here is my current non-working port forwarding configuration:
    The 916+ Control Panel|External Access|Router Configuration that I currently have is;
    Local Port: 5001 Router Port: 5001 TCP
    Local Port: 80 Router Port: 49325 TCP
    Local Port: 443 Router Port: 49326 TCP
    Local Port: 9025-9040 Router Port: 9025-9040 TCP
    Local Port: 53 Router Port: 53 TCP
    Local Port: 53 Router Port: 53 UDP
    Local Port: 21 Router Port: 21 TCP
    Local Port: 548 Router Port: 548 TCP

    Router D-Link DSL-4320L
    Features|Port Forwarding
    TCP: 9025-940 UDP: 9025-9040
    TCP: 5001 UDP: 5001
    TCP: 49325 UDP: 80
    TCP: 49326 UDP: 443
    TCP: 1900 UDP: 1900

    Please note, my networking skills are little to none =(
    Hopefully I have done something as simple as putting in the port numbers backwards!

    Thank you for your assistance.