Timeout while connecting to SSH on the router


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Help to understand, please.

On RT-AX68U fw Merlin 386.4. Two certificate are registered in nvram for SSH access. A server with Home Assistant is connected to the router, which often polls the router, including via SSH. If I reboot the router, then for some time SSH on the router is not available to this server due to a timeout. It could be 20 minutes or several hours. It may not connect at all. At the same time, there are no explicit messages in the router log that access via SSH is blocked. Where to look to find the cause? There may be a limit on the number of concurrent SSH connections. How and where can the limit be changed?

I see that the problem-free key in nvram is written like this:
AAA ... [email protected]"
Problematic like this:
AAA ... [email protected]" The problematic one doesn't have "sshd_authkeys="


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sshd_authkeys is the nvram variable itself. It shouldn't be part of the data within that same variable. Not sure how you did it, but get rid of that sshd_authkeys= part of the key.
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I am trying to remove. But I can't.


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