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TP-Link ER605

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I'm helping a neighbor redo their network stack in their house. I just wanted to confirm that this router does not require any cloud stuff. Does it have it's own interface (web) in the box so it can be completely managed on the LAN?

Thanks in advance.
Some features are available only with Omada Controller. What's available in its own WebUI is here:

What features are available in different configurations is here (see notes at the bottom of the page):

This router has few hardware revisions - look at corresponding to the revision information.
perfect thanks, really not looking for any centralized control or cloud control, just wanted to make sure
as a side note, doesn't anyone just make a plain old wired router without all the cloud sdn crap lol
The router's own WebUI has more than what's needed for a basic setup. Check the emulator above and see if it's enough. This SafeStream router is part of Omada solutions and if your friend has a compatible Jetstream switch and Omada compatible APs - Omada Controller is the better approach.
yeah the basic setup is all that's needed. I went through it and it looks just fine. they're going to be running simple umanaged POE switches.
Keep in mind Omada Controller also manages roaming technologies in Omada compatible APs network as well as wireless mesh expansion options.

Better UI as well with more options and information about the network status available:

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Agree with the responses above...the ER605 is just fine as a standalone router, whether you manage it via an Omada controller or not is up to you.

After having used Omada for the past couple of months, it's like powered windows and locks on a car, I won't be going back to individually-managed switches and EAP's. It's nice to have access to my network config and telemetry from anywhere, and the Omada controller software is free to install and use...all you need is a spare Windows or Linux PC (or laptop) that you leave up and running on your LAN 24x7.
I am holding off on the Omada solution. So far, my setup is working great. I may revisit it at some later time.

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