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Unable to get AiMesh working with AX88U and AC3100

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Hi All,

I've scoured the internet and forums, but could not find the answer to my AiMesh problem.
I have an RT-AX88U (Merlin 384.13) as my AiMesh Router and an RT-AC3100 (Stock as my AiMesh node.
Here are the steps I take to set-up AiMesh:
  1. Factory reset the AC3100 and place it within 1 metre of the AX88U router.
  2. On the AX88U, I select the AiMesh menu and search in the "Find AiMesh node" section.
  3. My AC3100 is found and I click Apply to add it as a node to my AiMesh network
  4. After the setup is complete, the AC3100 node is added to the List of AiMesh nodes.
However, I notice a few things:
  • In the bottom right of the AC3100 window in the list of AiMesh nodes, there's a small WiFi 5G signal with only the lowest bar marked.
  • After a few minutes the AC3100 AiMesh node goes Offline.
In troubleshooting this issue, I try to login to the AC3100 router and notice that nothing appears to be configured. It's the same start-up screen you get after you factory reset the router. Also, the default SSIDs are still configured for the 2.4G and 5G radios. I would have expected the SSID to be identical to my AX88U router.

Is AiMesh supposed to work with these Asus router models using Merlin and Stock firmware?
Any help is greatly appreciated!



UPDATE: I got AiMesh to work! I configured the ethernet backhaul on the AC3100. In other words, I connected the WAN port of the AC3100 to the LAN port of the AX88U. It wasn't a direct connection, but through a network switch in between the two routers.
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