Unexpected Asus RT-AX92u factory reset

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Hi, I have 3 Asus RT-AX92u devices running in a mesh setup, connected to a virgin super hub 3 that operating in modem mode.

A few days ago whilst online, I lost connection to the routers. The main router seemed to still be connected to the internet with all white lights, but the other routers in the mesh had lost connection to it. I tried rebooting the mesh routers but still couldn’t connect. I then rebooted the main router, but it now had a solid red WAN light. I couldn’t connect to it using my usual username and password. I tried the default factory username and password and it let me into a setup page as if configuring from new.

I had to factory reset my other two nodes to get my mesh setup again. It seems that my main AX-92u router had factory reset itself. How / Why did this happen? Seems really weird.

Thank you.


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Have you allowed Access from WAN , or left telnet or SSH open?
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