Updated ac86u to 384.17 and after rebooting WiFi is disabled?

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John Rago

New Around Here
I have had great luck with the Merlin firmware for years. So, now I flashed my ac86u with the new 384.17 and everything worked fine. But an hour later the WiFi got disabled. I rebooted and it worked for awhile again but then after about another hour the WiFi got disabled. I rebooted again and the WiFi worked.

I have searched the forum and found the post about how to preform a “network sanitizer” which I performed. Now I find, after a reboot, the WiFi still gets disabled. I reboot again and the WiFi is active. Now it doesn’t get disabled after an hour. So I’ll see how long it stays like that.
But does anybody have any thoughts about how to get the router to reboot without losing wifi.

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