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VLAN ID settings for TUF AX6000

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New Around Here

I just bought a TUF AX6000 router, and thought I could use it to replace my ISP provided router. My existing ISP-provided router is connected to the fibre termination panel, and the router is configured to use PPPoE. I missed the part where a VLAN ID configuration is required on the router. And I am finding that the TUF AX6000 does not have the ability to configure VLAN ID. Unfortunately, I can't return the router to the store where I purchased it from due to their sales policy, so I have to live with my purchase.

Is there any way to flash a custom firmware on the TUF AX6000 which will enable VLAN tagging? Or is there any other way for me to configure the VLAN ID on the TUF AX6000?

Thank you.

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