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VPN in asus er-ax88u

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Hi. I used to run a vpn server on my asus router so I could access my network from outside. After an update of the firmware this isn’t working anymore. Here is the setup. I use a modem router from my isp (can’t change that) on (router ip is In this router I put the asus router in DMZ and also forwarded Udp 500,4500 to which is the ip of the asus router. The asus router is on (router ip I setup IPsec vpn but it won’t connect. I tried to also forward 500,4500 udp on the asus router to to and 192168.178.1. None of them works. What am I doing wrong.
If it stopped working after a firmware update I suggest you go back to the previous firmware and check that it works again. It could be a bug in the new firmware.

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