VPN server on asus router with ipv6


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Hello, my router fetches most of the time a local wan ip so I can't connect to it through openvpn because of double nat.
However my ISP also offers ipv6 and I heard this can be a solution to double nat. I enabled it on my asus router and when I browse the internet it detects my ipv6 .
Problem is the router wan ip always shows an ipv4 but if i go to sys log on ipv6 i can see the ipv6 wan ip too.
  1. How can I make my asus router see the ipv6 as the main wan ip instead of the ipv4.
  2. How do i connect with openvpn with my router's ipv6?
  3. How can i use my ddns to point to my ipv6 instead of ipv4.
I am running 386 RC3-3 firmware that should support openvpn server ipv6.
Thanks !
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