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WAN aggregation on RT-AC5300 running Asuswrt-merlin?

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I'm running Asuswrt-merlin 386.7_2 on my ASUS RT-AC5300, with the WAN currently provided by a Netgear CM1150V. Xfinity recently notified me that they upgraded the speed on our plan to 1.2Gbps and that the CM1150V doesn't support that speed; however, in looking at the specs the CM1150V ought to support up to 2Gbps if I enable link aggregation on it.

My question is - can I actually use that? I've seen a lot of forum references to using link aggregation on the LAN side (for NAS, etc.) but I haven't seen a clear indication of if/how WAN aggregation could be utilized with the RT-AC5300. Is this even possible?
According to the specs on the Asus website that router only supports Link Aggregation on the LAN, not the WAN.
Thanks Colin - I guess it's time to look for new hardware, but I'm not in a terrible rush over an extra .2Gbps that I may not even be able to utilize in our neighborhood. :)

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